They're calling for partly sunny and 75 in the afternoon and light showers and 74 in the early evening.  We have space heaters on standby - but bring something to keep you warm anyway as it has been chilly here at night for the past few days :)


What to wear


We've had some questions about what to wear. It's not a very formal wedding, so summer cocktail attire would be great!  And keep in mind that it's outside and on grass :)

We're getting close! Love you!


Thank you!

We know this has been an inconvenience for a lot of you, and we really want to thank you for your patience and understanding.  It's very difficult living on the opposite side of the country from all of our family!  We're really going to miss our beloved friends on the west coast, and we'll be thinking of you on the big day!  And when we return we're going to throw a swell party!  Just give us a couple weeks to recover...  We love you all so much and we can't believe it's so close!!!  We're so excited!


Have you taken the poll?

There's only a week left to take the poll!  The fate of the wedding favors is in your hands...


Save the Date!

If you are unable to attend the wedding in Los Angeles (we realize for many of you it's a hike!), we will be having a special celebration on the East Coast after the wedding.  

We're so excited to celebrate our special day with you!